The greatest investment anyone can make is in people...

Dr. Charles W. Noble, Sr. and his wife, Nora,  founded Par Excellence Learning Center

in response to the many needs they saw during their tenure of ministry with Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Newark, Ohio. Their goal was to nurture students and aid in breaking the cyclical effects of low self-esteem and academic underachievement.  To this end, they launched a pre-school program and elementary school for children through fifth grade.  


Par Excellence Learning Center offered a variety of direct-service initiatives to support students and families.  The initiatives were successful and the school continued to grow.  In 2005, the elementary program converted to a state-chartered public community school and became Par Excellence Academy, under the sponsorship of Newark City Schools.  Today, Par Excellence Academy continues to fulfill the vision and serves students in grades K-6.


Par Excellence Learning Center purchased a property and opened the Charles & Nora Noble Learning Center.  The center offers a place where students can receive knowledge, skills, and assistance necessary to thrive in today’s world.  It is the home of Par Excellence Academy.  Dr. Noble's vision has continued through the work of Par Excellence Academy, Par Excellence Learning Center, and through community projects and programs that support students, families, and individuals in the community. 


Dr. Noble once said, "the greatest investment anyone can make is in people".  To this end, we are excited to launch A Noble Cause.  Our mission is to nurture human potential, and we will continue the good work that started over 20 years ago.   Learn more...



Hear from Dr. Noble about A Noble Cause.